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Who We Are

The Oast House Hop Farm is the culmination of three great friends who are avid craft brewers. In their everyday lives, Beau is a Recreation Supervisor, Marylu is a Special Education Teacher and Art works for a family owned business making deliveries. They have also built an award winning BBQ competition team and have been competing in BBQ competitions for about 7 years. Beau has grown hops in his own back yard successfully for about five years and uses his hops in the home brews he creates with Marylu and Art. We love to home brew but have always had to purchase hops from the west. We have created some great beers (after much practice), but we really wanted to make a fantastic beer from only local ingredients. Problem was, there were no local hop farms. So, we started growing our own. It was such a neat feeling to know that we had developed our own recipes locally grown ingredients. We want to share this with others and give them the chance to craft locally. There is a huge resurgence in creating your own beer recipes and it would be totally cool to use local hops! Our hope is that by supplying our hops to local breweries and home brewers who want to use locally grown ingredients, we will help other local businesses (and dreams) survive. We have all already invested much time and money into this dream of ours, but we need some support to keep it going.  We feel strongly about reviving a love of crafting local beers as well as bringing back a little bit of farming to the Garden State.



The Oast House Crew

(Beau, Art and Marylu)


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