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Our Supporters

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Mr. and Mrs. William Byrtus
Laurie L. Hunter
Chip Jones, Lucky Town Brewing Co.
Leslie Flinn
Brian Watson Farmer
Jaye J.
Craig Dienger
Adam Shumard
Laura R.
Leigh Erin Ward
Lauren Holesapple
Debbi Klein
James T. Bencrowsky
Reed and Riley Surak
Donald and Lynda Glenn
Tara Liloia
Rita and Aidan
Don Clark
Susan M. Davis
The Talalas Family
Brittany Scott
The Branan Family
Ravenous Brewing Company
Beth Buda
Alex Rosenwald and Stephanie Mechmann
Jason Meehan
Tim Chrismer
Erich and Rose Ann Brandl
Patsy and Ed
Adirondack Steve
Ajay Acharya
Jo Ann M. Cimato
The Millman/Hipolito Family
Farrah Barow
Brian and Noelle Hart
Nancy Liebig Draper
Jan and Kathy Taler
Nathan Taler
Jennifer Taler
Barbara and Steve Whittaker
Linda and Steve Marciante
Kyna and Steve Barr
Rob Morello Jr.
Kerri and Keith Shaw

Michael and Emily Cappiello
Alex and Lauren Matrale
Julie Hoebee
Chris and Allison Atkinson
Jimmy Byrtus
Nicholas and Lindsay Perna
The KC Family
Ansgar Dierkes
The Stevenson Family
Larry Yu
Jason, Maria and Julia Zielke
Peter C. Laudati
Chelsea Lynch
Jennifer Rose
Meredith ONLY
Preston Trimble
Kendra Arnold
Caleb Krick
Keith Gay
Brian and Roz Melling-Durocher
The Wyatt’s
Kevin Wall
The Adkins Family
Paulina Varshavskaya and Luke Zettlemoyer
Robin Baumann
Jan Zientek
Scott Janelli
Thomas Gormley
Eugene Teslya (iWebThinkBig.com)
Alex and Valerie Bothwell
Dan Giangreco
Michele Alberts
Margaret Ricci
Melissa L.
Craig Hatch
Carla Lounsbury
Susan Mrazek
Jean Rhea
William J. McBain
Eric Damon Walters
Bridget Conner Carver
Lorin Quick
Babs Hansen

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