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Prior to 1909, the Northeastern United States was the leading producer of hops in the country. The Dewey blight of 1909 decimated the crop and a subsequent aphid infestation caused even more damage to the hop industry in the Northeast. Then along came prohibition, which put the final nail in the coffin of commercial hop production. As time passed hop production moved to the West Coast, leaving the East Coast behind.  We have decided to breathe new life into the industry by building a small scale production facility that will provide fresh, locally grown hops to consumers in the central New Jersey area. The land that is to become Oast House Hop Farm has been in Marylu's family for many years, originally serving as a horse farm.  As the horses have moved on to greener pastures, we are looking to repurpose this land.  Although there are 12 acres waiting to be farmed, we are starting small!  Our plan is to build a 1/4 acre hop yard using as much material existing on the property as possible. We will be building our hop trellis using naturally rot resistant locust trees from the farm. We will irrigate the property from a natural spring fed pond on the property as well as collections in rain barrels. We have had the soil tested and have a great soil scientist at our disposal, should we need one.  Additionally, we are hoping to use solar energy to power the pump and irrigation system. 


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